Friday, June 24, 2005

20th Review - On Board by El Duco

I'll keep this short and sweet. First of all, go to somewhere to read the ad. Hocus-Pocus carries it.

Then, visit your local toy shop and ask for those kids magnetic drawing board.

You should figure the rest yourself.

I didn't regretted buying this shit as I got it free from someone at the club who decided to give it away when I bought something from him. Enough said. Spend your $50 elsewhere.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Am Back!

Phew, weeks off blogging due to in-camp training. I was back 1 week plus ago but didn't have the time to write some good shit here. Apologies. And I was glad to come across MagicWhack's mentioning that he'll be removing some blogs that hasn't been updated recently, and I hoped the rest will still keep Real Magic Reviews on the blogroll. I also hope bloggers can do a favor by spreading the word that this blog is still active. Gee, I hope I'm not sounding too much like a cheap whore!

I've got a review coming up - Impossible DEVINation. And the challenge is a review without words. Keep it on the lookout.

Ok, here's something for all to think about - does it really make sense for a mentalist or magician for that matter to have a "products or for mentalists" only section on their website? I thought that's kinda retarted. You can't promote yourself to your clients and at tell him that you're selling shit at a fraction of the price that can be used at his upcoming event/show. Now if you're doing that, think about it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

19th Review - Penomenon

Wow! A science experiment turned magic.

I won't even bother to give much details here as to the effect. Remember the science experiment where you rub the plastic ruler and then it attracts pieces of small paper?

That's it. For about $19.95 that's what you learn - electromagnetic.

Go get a plastic pen, rub it on your hair, then balance at its centre of gravity, move your hands/fingers near it, and it'll move.

The Ultimate Red-Black Separation

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We at Real Magic Reviews were busy lately; that's the reason for the lack of posts lately. But for a good reason. Ever since Paul Curry's Out of This World, we have been overwhelmed with different versions of this effect; and decided to set the record straight. So we spent the past one week plus evaluating all the possible versions out there; from Our of This Universe to A New World to Cosmos we finally found what we believe will be the Holy Grail; Black Hole.

That's right. The ultimate in red-black separation!

Don't be a sucker, get Black Hole today, you dont just blow their brains, you suck the shit out of them!

Introductory price $299.95, and we have only limited quantities available!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

18th Review - Pocket Levitator

Andrew Mayne should deserve credits for his creative efforts. Though I do not own anything much of his, I did many years back purchased Pocket Levitator. Though this review sways in the negative it does not imply that the rest of his stuff are bad. I don't know because I don't own them so its not fair to comment much. Besides that was years ago. I have confidence this chap has much more 'mature' ideas now.

Why It Really Sucks:
Though the idea in principle does make some sense, it isn't practical in most working conditions. You need sleight-of-foot to get this working, and to ease that not all shoe types are appropriate. But I suppose this may work for a TV/promo shoot it since you'll have controls of the angle and editing. Heck, almost anything would work on TV!

I think you should avoid buying it cause you're hardly going to be able to perform it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

17th Review - Marc Spelman's 4 DVD Series

The price of these DVDs are slightly higher than the norm, since it came from the UK. So that deterred me from getting them when it first came out, but recently about a month ago I did. While prior to getting them I've read not very positive reviews about them, I thought from the description of the effects the DVD ain't that bad. And so I did finally.

Why It Sucks:
Boring presentations, slightly draggy in most cases. (But then again, with little creavitity, one could twig that easily). You'd probably bore your audience to death if you use them. Don't get me wrong, in commercial situations, I think Marc twigs his presentation slightly. Afterall, if he's good enough to be able to come out with these stuff, he aint that dumb to present the way he does in the DVDs to his clients. If he does, sad on him. But since these DVDs are meant to be for magicians, it aint that bad after all.

Why Its Good:
Most of the methods employed are quite good, and in fact clever. Its not stupid shit secrets that you're likely to know. Yes, I learned some pretty cool stuff. Overall, I quite like the DVDs.

If you're looking for something new for the club meeting, some interesting plot and ideas, give these set a shot. I am sure you'll find them useful somehow.

Hilarious Reads!

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. Have been down with flu recently, followed with a bad cough, and a few gigs pop by at the same time! No, not 437 gigs - only Bish will have that many, but just a few. I will writing soon, and just visited some of the blogs out there, and here's some interesting shit you cant be missing

No School Left Standing Act
Steve Fearson, the clever man until...
A Matter of Style
Best Buddy

Btw, I have managed to sell yet a few of the R Paw Weeson Fucker Wallet, and only a few are left are grabs. So hurry!

Monday, April 18, 2005

No Chance for Chance Wolf

You guys better check this wacky post out. Chance goes "Wolf! Wolf!" and gets a bitchslap. Hilarious. I couldn't figure out how and why the comparison between Wacky Weasel (or wolf for that matter) with a brainwave deck. Maybe he does only kid shows. I don't know Chance but hopefully he doesn't use the name Chance Wolf in his shows. That makes him sound kinda jacko.

16th Review - Phil Plus by Trevor Duffy & Phil Goldstein

I came across positive reviews on this and decided to bang my buck. Well it was worth it! You actually get your money's worth of "more" than just a deck of cards . Instantly resettable and great for table-to-table work. It is impossible for one to make this deck up (not even Joe Jerker himself unless he owns some printing machine of some sort). And the premise to layman is kinda 'cute', not something they'd expect:

A spectator is asked to merely think of a card. After a moment of thought, performer exclaims, "The name of your card is "LUCY!" The audience naturally looks surprised, so the magician, with a grin says, "Well, I said I'd 'name' it, didn't I?!"
Then more seriously, he says, "No, I'm kidding - what did you actually think of?" "The seven of clubs," (for instance), answers the spectator. Immediately the magician says, "That's right; Lucy is the seven of clubs! - let me explain." The pack is then removed from the box, face up. The seven of clubs is found, removed and laid face up on the table. (The name is not revealed yet). The deck is then turned face down and shown to have a variety of names printed on the back of each card. You say, "This card is the nine of diamonds. If you had thought of the nine of diamonds it would be Fred, but you didn't." "The seven of clubs ...(turn it over) is LUCY!" This is enough to amaze the audience. But with phil plus, there's more:
Offer to repeat the trick. "I know what you are thinking - that is just a clever trick. So I'll tell you what, let's do it again. Only this time, I'll think of a card and you name it for me!"
After a moment of thought, the magician writes it down on a piece of paper and places it under a glass. He then asks the spectator to think of any lady's name with four letters. When the name is selected, find it and turn it face up. Finally, turn over the paper to show the same card as on his named card!

Here's why it sucks very very little:
- You almost need a surface to place the card on, not becase you really have to , but to do without is very risky indeed
- The cards don't come on bicycle backs which some magicians might prefer. But that is no issue really.
Overall, a thumbs up. This is totally self-contained, easy to perform and well well worth the money compared to some $699 shit you might get out there (except for The Fucker Waller by R Paw Weeson, a Real Magic Reviews exclusive). Get this now if you've been hesitating.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Why Its So Difficult to Get Hold of Cassidy

Here's the real reason. Some cracko nut is actually after his ass. Cassidy's on the move, hiding himself from this nut. The last I heard was "You know when I get you, your ass's gonna get SHATTERED!"